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New Ad on Boebert: Veterans Align on a Shared Task, “We Gotta Hold Her Accountable”

Friday Marks One Year Since Boebert's Deciding Vote to Cut Veteran Benefits Through Default Bill

As this week marks one year since Rep. Boebert’s deciding vote to cut veterans benefits, Rocky Mountain Values is launching a new ad featuring veterans from the Home of the Heroes itself, Pueblo, Colorado.

In the ad, the veterans discuss the importance of holding Boebert accountable for her record voting against veterans health care eight times including voting against a bill for veterans dying from burn pits, and voting to cut critical funding for nearly 50,000 veterans in CD-03.

Coloradans are all too familiar with Boebert’s long history of putting personal and political gain ahead of her responsibility to Coloradans. Unfortunately, that includes her responsibility to members of the military and veterans across CD-03.

In the ad, George Autobee, U.S. Marines veteran concludes the ad by saying, “As veterans, we gotta hold her accountable.”

The new ad released today joins a chorus of direct messages communicated to Boebert that Colorado veterans have delivered in partnership with RMV over the past year. This includes:

All these efforts have worked to communicate one priority: Stop Voting Against Vets. Here is a list of the major votes that Boebert has taken to limit support for veterans:

Boebert repeatedly voted against the Honoring our PACT Act, which expands VA health care and benefits for Veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances.

  • Boebert voted against an omnibus appropriations bill, which included bipartisan legislation to support veterans in rural areas, strengthen oversight of Department of Veteran Affairs, improve mental health care resources and suicide prevention efforts at VA, and committed nearly $120 billion for veterans medical care.

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