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A good living.
A great life.

That’s worth fighting for.

It’s time that hardworking Coloradans came first.  We are fighting to make sure Coloradans can earn a good living and have a good life no matter their zip code. 


Enough with the political games. We are holding elected officials  accountable for their dangerous agenda that halts progress and hurts Colorado families, seniors and veterans.

Image by Sweet Life

  • More than 13% of Coloradans rely on Medicare for their health care coverage.


  • More than 27% of Coloradans receive life-saving coverage through Medicaid.

The cost of healthcare is ridiculous, and these critical programs providing affordable options are under attack. We need elected officials to stand up to big drug and health insurance companies and fight instead for hardworking Coloradans and their health care.

URGENT: Coloradans’ Health Care Coverage Is Under Attack.

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Share Your Story

We are elevating the voices of Coloradans and telling the stories of our families, friends and neighbors who want good paying jobs, opportunities for their families and vibrant communities.

Tell us how you will be impacted if Congress fails to act, and cuts Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

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