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NEW TV AD: Gardner Must Not Follow Mitch McConnell on Supreme Court Vote 

Senator Gardner’s flip flop to support filling the Supreme Court vacancy once again shows he is following Mitch McConnell’s lead, not listening to Coloradans,” said Marie Aberger, spokeswoman for Cut the Strings CO. “With Coloradans’ health care on the line if the Affordable Care Act is struck down, Cory Gardner’s political games are not just wrong but dangerous. Gardner should refuse to vote for a Supreme Court nominee until the people have spoken.

Taking a Stand for Colorado

Protecting the Colorado Way of Life

Coloradans value our unique way of life.  We know how important it is to protect things like our natural landscape and the health care that Coloradans rely on. Too often, our elected officials tell Coloradans one thing but then go to Washington and jeopardize our health care and our environment, so we are fighting back. 


Rocky Mountain Values is a non-profit organization made up of real Coloradans—not special interests. When our elected officials don't stand up for us, we hold them accountable. Right now, Coloradans are worried that Washington is driving up their health care premiums, raising prescription drug costs, and allowing corporate polluters to put our kids’ health at risk by contaminating our air and water. 


We believe that Colorado families deserve to enjoy the best our state has to offer for generations, so we are raising our voices to defend the state we love.

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Coloradans’ Health Care Is Under Threat

We need elected officials to stand up to the big drug and health insurance companies and fight for serious reforms that will lower prescription drug prices and protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.

We Need To Protect Colorado’s Air and Water

Prioritizing Protections for Coloradans, Not Corporate Polluters

Share Your Story

We want to hear your story. How would you be affected if pre-existing conditions coverage was revoked? How have prescription drug prices affected your family? What do you think about the elimination of environmental protections? Let us help amplify your voice—fill out this form with a quick summary of your story and contact info. We’ll get back to you soon.

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