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Our Issues

Instead of working to lower costs, increase opportunities and protect our hard-earned benefits, like Medicare and Social Security, some elected officials are focused on scoring political points and chasing the spotlight.


Rocky Mountain Values is advocating for policies that help Coloradans earn more and pay less.  And we are holding elected officials accountable when they don’t prioritize the issues that matter most to hard working Coloradans.


Coloradans want their electeds to help us:

  • Earn a good living and have a good life, holding onto the money we make. 

  • Take care of our health and the health of our families. 

  • Access strong communities that offer opportunities for our kids and grandkids. 


READ HERE about how Lauren Boebert's voting record impacts Coloradans in CD-03.


Affordable Health Care

Coloradans want affordable health care options readily accessible to keep ourselves and our families healthy. We need prescriptions like insulin to be affordable so we don’t have to moderate our meds. We need more doctors and medical services closer to where we live and work. We need our hard work to allow us to earn time off to take care of our families. 


Some Colorado elected officials are siding with Big Phrma and working to cut healthcare options for seniors, veterans and disabled Coloradans. 

Thriving Communities

Coloradans want to live in thriving communities where we can build great lives and great careers. We need to keep our neighborhoods strong with investments in infrastructure and water conservation. We need our hard work to be rewarded with the ability to retire confidently. We need more services and resources that increase our quality of life while cutting costs. 


Some Colorado elected officials are too distracted by political games to even notice their actions are cutting services for seniors, families, and small businesses. 

Good Jobs and Lower Costs

Coloradans want to be able to earn a good living and then hold on to that money to build a great life. We need policies that help Coloradans earn more and pay less. We need a fair tax system that ensures everyone pays their fair share. And we need an economy that rewards those who work hard, not the few who can skirt the rules.


Some Colorado elected officials are hurting Colorado’s job growth, choosing to help corporations profit rather than help hard working Coloradans cut costs.

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