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About Us

Rocky Mountain Values is a Colorado non-profit organization that is made up of real Coloradans fighting to make sure that we can all earn a good living and have a good life no matter our zip code. 


Coloradans value hard work but it should amount to a fair return and a good life. Too often, it feels like the system only rewards the powerful few who rig it -- instead of those who’ve earned it.

  • That is why we are advocating for policies that help Coloradans earn more and pay less.  

  • That is why we are  holding elected officials accountable when they don’t focus on the issues that matter most to us. 

  • That is why RMV is elevating the voices of Coloradans and telling the stories of our families, friends and neighbors who want their representative in Congress to fight for good paying jobs, opportunities for their families and vibrant communities.

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