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Boebert Reappears on National TV, Taking Lead on Driving Freedom Caucus Agenda on Shutdown

Coloradans Call Out Boebert for Advancing her Political Celebrity and Extreme Agenda at their Expense

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023 – Rep. Lauren Boebert and her extreme colleagues in the Freedom Caucus have run out the clock with their political games and the U.S. government is now less than a week out from a shutdown.

As some members of the House have indicated, there is no longer enough time for funding to be passed through the House and Senate. Either the House must pass a continuing resolution (“CR”) or a shutdown will occur. Boebert and members of the Freedom Caucus have refused to pass a CR.

This weekend, Boebert stepped into her traditional role of political celebrity and MAGA darling as she made the weekend media rounds instead of heading home to her district. Boebert went on the defense of her and the Freedom Caucus’ efforts to gut critical programs by threatening a government shutdown – instead of fighting for Coloradans’ priorities.

Coloradans across CD-03 are taking notice of her gamesmanship that consistently fails to help them earn more and pay less. Expecting her to visit Durango instead of spending her time on cable shows over the weekend, southwest Coloradans gathered to share their thoughts on Boebert’s continued antics that are forcing a shutdown.

Speaking with the Durango Herald on Saturday, Harrison Wendt recognized the very real local impacts of national shutdowns saying, “Coloradan towns lose tourism dollars from our national parks being closed. Colorado veterans will lose services. Colorado farmers loans will not get processed. And Colorado families who are struggling will not get financial support…This will be so they can cut critical programs and drive their ridiculous impeachment agenda. We know this is what Boebert is fighting for, and it’s not for funding our government and taking care of the needs of everyone in CD3 and our entire country.”

No stranger to advancing her extreme agenda on the backs of hardworking Coloradans, Boebert advocated for using a government shutdown to oppose vaccine requirements last year. This year, she threatened to let the American government default on its debts in order to take away health care from rural Coloradans and cut access to programs like Medicare and Social Security. Boebert’s bogus impeachment efforts have also recently been advanced due to these similar threats.

“If a shutdown is forced by extremists like Boebert, Coloradans will feel serious impacts,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of RMV. “Coloradans have had enough of Boebert advancing her agenda on their backs. Folks can see through these shenanigans and, unfortunately, no one is surprised that she is putting a MAGA agenda ahead of the financial stability of Coloradans.”

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