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A Valentine's Day Delivery for Rep. Boebert Reminding Her of What Coloradans Love

While Coloradans and their loved ones are exchanging chocolate boxes, valentines cards, and those little candy hearts with sweet notes, Rocky Mountain Values is delivering a message to remind Rep. Boebert of what Coloradans love, and of what they don't.

Today, we dropped off 300 heart shaped candies that remind Boebert of what Coloradans’ love: Lower Costs. What we don’t love is her record of voting against veterans benefits, voting against lowering the cost prescriptions, and supporting a plan to gut Medicare and Social Security.

Our Valentine’s Day Card message: If you love Colorado, you will stop voting against veterans, seniors, and hard working families.

IMAGES: A Valentine and sweets delivered to Rep. Boebert by Pueblo resident about how Coloradans are sour on her voting record that does not prioritize them and their financial stability. 

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