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Boebert’s “Split Personality”: Now Back in Washington She’s Already Driving MAGA Agenda

CD-03 Rep Spends First Days of Session Advancing Impeachment and Joining in on Cuts and Shutdown Threats

Wednesday, Sept 13, 2023 – As August recess wraps, Rep. Lauren Boebert returned to Washington focused on her bogus impeachment effort, drastic cuts to essential programs and political antics that are expected to shut down the U.S. government by the end of September. This is in stark contrast to Boebert’s rhetoric over the past 40+ days back in CD-03 where she repeatedly committed to Coloradans that her top priority is “water, water, water” and other local issues – not an extreme MAGA agenda. Today, Boebert was called out for her “split personality” by national media. Rocky Mountain Values is doubling down on our call for Boebert to stop putting her personal extreme agenda ahead of helping Coloradans. “Rep. Boebert was home for over a month. During that time, it’s hard to believe that the top priority that she heard was to advance her bogus impeachment efforts on the backs of hardworking Coloradans,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of RMV. “If a shutdown is forced by extremists like Boebert, Coloradans will feel a serious impact. Folks can see through these shenanigans and, unfortunately, no one is surprised that she is putting a MAGA agenda ahead of the financial stability of Coloradans.” On the first day of session, Boebert demonstrated that she only had one goal: to drive her MAGA agenda through any means necessary including a government shutdown. As a member of the Freedom Caucus, she joined in a press conference where members threatened to shut down the government in order to force cuts that will only raise costs for families, and hurt students, seniors, and rural communities. In addition, she’s aligned with far-right leaders like Matt Gaetz to ensure her articles of impeachment move forward as session begins.

From this politicking by Boebert and the other MAGA members of the House, it’s been reported that there’s a 75% chance of a shutdown after federal agencies run out of money on Sept. 30. Extreme House GOP members are already trying to frame a shutdown as not a big deal, but Rocky Mountain Values is ensuring that Coloradans know the very real impacts of government shutdowns and the drastic cuts to essential programs the GOP is demanding. Boebert is expected to continue to tout her MAGA agenda at a political fundraiser in Durango next week where she will appear with Rep. Gaetz.

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