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Colorado Republicans Support Plan to Gut Social Security… Again

Today, Rocky Mountain Values (RMV) condemns Republican members of Colorado for their ongoing support of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) budget proposals to gut Coloradans’ hard earned benefits. 

The FY2025 Republican Study Committee Budget released reflects a continuation of regressive policies that prioritize wealthy, corporate interests at the expense of hardworking Coloradans.

“On their way out the door, Reps. Boebert, Buck, and Lamborn left us with a horrible parting gift- their RSC budget proposal that would cut programs that benefit Colorado working families and seniors. Colorado’s Republican delegation should be held accountable for their plan to heap more tax breaks on the wealthiest Americans and big corporations and slash the Social Security benefits Coloradans have paid for and earned,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of RMV.

Despite persistent calls for accountability and transparency, many Republican members of the RSC – including Lauren Boebert – have remained silent on the detrimental provisions embedded within the RSC budget. 

Notably, the proposal includes plans to raise the retirement age for Social Security, resulting in a direct assault on the financial security of Coloradans. Moreover, it outlines cuts to Social Security and Medicare that would devastate vital safety nets for seniors and individuals with disabilities, all while providing tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.

In stark contrast, the Administration's budget proposal is championing initiatives aimed at lowering healthcare costs for all Americans while safeguarding critical programs like Medicare and Social Security. Their approach prioritizes Colorado families by ensuring fair taxation policies.

Rocky Mountain Values calls upon Republican members to answer for the devastating proposals outlined in the RSC budget. The future of our nation depends on elected officials who prioritize the needs of everyday Americans over partisan agendas and corporate interests.

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