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Dereliction of Duty: Boebert Fails Coloradans as She Puts her Extreme Agenda First

Monday, October 2, 2023 – In the wake of her votes to shut down the government, Colorado veterans today called out Rep. Lauren Boebert for failing to do her duty as U.S. Congresswoman, putting the financial stability of Coloradans at risk. Rep. Boebert voted against a continuing resolution on Friday and then again on Saturday. The legislation she voted against did one key thing: kept the government open and continued to provide paychecks to more than 38,000 Coloradans. The largest group of federal employees in Colorado whose pay Boebert voted to halt were members of the military. Boebert choosing her extreme agenda of gutting critical federal programs that hardworking people rely on while using the budget process to spread conspiracies and intolerance caught the attention of Colorado veterans from all across her district who want the Congresswoman to do her duty and prioritize Coloradans saving more and paying less. “Doing your duty is simple: You put your responsibilities ahead of personal gain. Lauren Boebert seems to be challenged with this concept and Coloradans are feeling the impact because of her failure to meet her responsibilities. We need her to act on behalf of Coloradans and put our needs and our requests ahead of her own.” – Laura Stewart, United State Army Veteran, Ignacio, CO “Once again, Rep Boebert turned her back on her constituents and the military service members that she pretends to support as she voted in favor of shuttering the government in an attempt to push her extremist ideology. She knows that a shutdown would be detrimental to all service members, disabled veterans, families, federal workers and our local economy, but Lauren Boebert doesn’t give a damn.” – Chris Sutton, United States Air Force Veteran, Pueblo, CO “Duty means putting service first. Service to your country. Service to the people you have sworn to protect. Rep. Boebert demonstrated again this weekend that she has no interest in her duty as an elected official and will put her own agenda above hardworking Coloradans.” -- Robert Todd Kendell, United States Marine Core Veteran, Grand Junction, CO

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