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House Returns to Work, Rocky Mountain Values Calls on Boebert to Stop Gutting Critical Programs

As the House returns from an extended Thanksgiving break thanks to Rep. Boebert and other extreme members of the House who “revolted on spending bills,” Rocky Mountain Values calls on Boebert to put her extreme agenda aside and put Coloradans’ financial stability first as the House GOP’s chaos stalls funding the government. 

“Impeachment, Speaker chaos, gutting government: Rep. Boebert’s political maneuvering and extreme agenda only costs Coloradans,” asked Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Values. “Folks want help paying less, earning more and living a good life. What they don’t want are Boebert’s harmful cuts that she has already voted for, slashing grants for water projects, raising energy costs, and threatening good-paying jobs. Nor do they want the cuts that House Republicans are still considering that rip away critical funding for transportation, infrastructure, and small businesses while shielding corporate tax cheats from paying their fair share in taxes.” 

Thus far through the appropriations process, Boebert has voted to cut funding for Environmental Protection Agency programs that support the creation of high-paying jobs and funding for water grants that help communities get safer water services. She also voted to cut energy assistance and raise energy and utility costs while also taking funding away from a program that helps save thousands of high-paying jobs across the country.

The following is a list of anticipated upcoming cuts that Rocky Mountain Values is calling on Boebert to vote against in appropriations bills.

Vote against the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill, which would:

  • Protect corporate tax cheats from paying their fair share.

  • Cut funding for corporate antitrust enforcement, which helps hold corporations accountable, lower prices, and give consumers more choice.

  • Cut funding for economic and business development agencies, which predominantly serve rural communities and minority-owned businesses.

Vote against the e Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill, which would:

  • Make it harder for seniors to access Social Security and Medicare benefits.

  • Cut funding for Head Start, which would eliminate early child care education slots for more than 50,000 children.

  • Cut funding for public education, which could lead to a reduction of more than 200,000 teachers for disadvantaged students.

Vote against the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill, which would:

  • Prohibit federal health insurance from covering abortion costs.

  • Cut funding for the Small Business Administration.

  • Cut funding for agencies that protect consumers, making it easier for fraudsters and shady corporations to scam hardworking people.

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