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Groups Send Clear Message on House Republicans Debt Ceiling Plan - “Hands Off Our Healthcare”

Updated: May 23, 2023

As President Biden engages with House Republicans on their bad-faith proposal that requires critical service cuts as a condition for raising the debt ceiling, organizations championing healthy living for Coloradans sent a clear message to House Republicans and Congresswoman Boebert:

“The “Default on America Act” is wholly dangerous gamesmanship that is putting Colorado’s health and our health coverage on the line.”

“Twenty-one million. That is the amount of people at risk of losing their health insurance due to House Republicans’ dangerous legislation, including 640,000 Coloradans. Medicaid helps low wage Coloradans stay healthy and stay at their jobs. It’s shameful to see Republicans vote in support of more bureaucracy and red tape, making it harder for working Coloradans and families to qualify and keep their health coverage,” said Adam Fox, Deputy Director of Colorado Health Initiative.

“It’s simple - the ‘Default on America Act’ that House Republicans are fighting for and that Lauren Boebert voted for will limit healthcare options and make coverage more expensive for Colorado veterans, seniors, and working families. Realistically, nothing in their legislation will save Coloradans money – and instead takes away health care options that keep Coloradans healthy,” said Laura Packard, Executive Director of Health Care Voter.

“Coloradans should believe MAGA Republicans when they say they want to gut Social Security and Medicare. The ‘Default on America Act’ does just that. Coloradans work hard and should see the rewards from their efforts – instead, Congresswoman Boebert and House Republicans are only working to make it harder for veterans, seniors, and so many others to get accessible, affordable healthcare,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Values.

  • 1 million seniors and people with disabilities would be forced to endure longer wait times when seeking assistance for both Social Security and Medicare as staffing would be dramatically reduced.

  • 641,000 Coloradans would be subjected to losing their healthcare coverage through added red tape and unnecessary bureaucracy. Only one state has ever fully implemented similar policies and nearly 1 in 4 adults subject to the policy lost their health coverage.

  • 111,300 Colorado veterans could lose access to outpatient visits, leaving them unable to get appointments for care like wellness visits, mental health services, and substance disorder treatment.

Worse, House Republicans are demanding these cuts while separately advancing proposals to add over $3 trillion to deficits through tax cuts and giveaways skewed to the wealthy and big corporations.

The Grand Junction Sentinel struck a similar sentiment prior to the debt ceiling meeting today, releasing a plea for MAGA Republicans and Lauren Boebert to act responsibly instead of playing political games with critical services, lamenting that “Boebert never misses an opportunity for gamesmanship and political posturing. They have their place in politics, but not when the stakes are this high. Sticking to her guns on this issue will harm Americans. It will hurt everyone.”


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