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Pueblo Cancer-Survivor Calls Out Boebert's Failure to Make More Healthcare Affordable, Focus on "The Wrong Things"

Rocky Mountain Values today released a digital ad of Jamie, a cancer-survivor from Pueblo, who reviews Boebert’s failed voting record on making health care affordable and lowering the cost of prescriptions. This record includes being one of only two representatives to vote against reauthorizing legislation supporting cancer patients.

As the Biden Administration takes a historic step to negotiate directly with drug companies to lower Medicare prescription costs for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, we are reminded that Rep. Boebert adamantly opposed this effort. In fact, Boebert has repeatedly chosen to side with big drug companies instead of working to lower the cost of prescriptions and expand affordable health care for Coloradans.

Specifically, the ad cites the following votes by Boebert: 

The ad finally calls on Boebert to stop her continued efforts to repeal key aspects of the Inflation Reduction Act, which is already lowering costs for Coloradans.

Jamie Ad Script:

I love Pueblo.

I've been battling cancer for 13 years, and I could not do it without this community. We care about each other here.

But Lauren Boebert, she’s focused on the wrong things. 

She sided with the big drug companies and voted against lowering our drug prices.

She even voted to cut health care in rural areas.

For a lot of us, health care is a matter of life and death. 

I can’t understand why Lauren Boebert keeps voting against our health care and not taking care of the people she represents.

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