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Boebert Hides her Support for Plan to Cut Medicare and Social Security, Wipes Website

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Simultaneously Moves to Silence Rocky Mountain Values on the Same Issue through Legal Action

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – Rep. Lauren Boebert has wiped her website clean of her support for a plan to cut Medicare and Social Security proposed in the Republican Study Committee (RSC) FY2023 budget. Guess she didn't realize those things are archived.

Boebert took this step after Rocky Mountain Values (“RMV”) launched an advocacy campaign holding the Representative accountable for her support of the RSC FY2023 budget. Boebert additionally had her lawyers threaten baseless legal action against RMV in an attempt to silence Coloradans across the district who are calling on Boebert to stop supporting plans to cut Medicare and Social Security.

CLICK HERE for a timeline of Boebert’s actions, her cease and desist letter and RMV’s response.

“Let’s be clear about what happened: Lauren Boebert supported a plan to cut Social Security and Medicare. Coloradans called her out and called on her to do better. But instead of changing her position, she chose to try to deceive Coloradans about her record. Following the release of our ad, Lauren Boebert selectively removed content from her website and sent her high-powered lawyers to try to silence us,” said RMV Executive Director, Justin Lamorte. “Lauren Boebert might play the usual Washington DC political games, but working Coloradans aren’t fooled and won’t stop fighting to hold her accountable for trying to cut Social Security and Medicare.”

Rocky Mountain Values ad campaign was announced at an event with a diverse group of Puebloans on Thursday, June 1, as they expressed their collective disappointment in Rep. Boebert’s hyper-focus on promoting herself, conspiracies and extremism instead of fighting to lower costs and create more economic opportunities for Coloradans.

The ad campaign features TV, digital, radio and mailed ads educating Puebloans about Boebert’s record and making a clear call to action for Coloradans to advocate for the Representative to listen when they say they want lower healthcare and prescription costs, lower day-to-day costs, better jobs and the ability to retire confidently – not political shenanigans.

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