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Rocky Mountain Values, Seniors, Veterans Launch $300,000 Ad Campaign on Boebert's Voting Record

Thursday, June 1, 2023 – Today, a new $300,000 ad campaign starts in the Pueblo area holding Representative Lauren Boebert (CD-03) accountable for failing to create economic opportunities and lower costs for Coloradans and our families. Instead, spending her time and wasting our tax dollars on self-promotion, conspiracies and extremism.

Coloradans pointed to the CD-03 Representative's latest opposition to the default deal struck by the Biden Administration as the House GOP dangerously used the country’s full faith and credit to extricate its partisan priorities.

The ad campaign was announced at an event with a diverse group of Puebloans on Thursday, June 1, as they expressed their collective disappointment in Rep. Boebert’s extreme gamesmanship that is driving the country toward default on its debts. They pointed to this position as just the most recent example of how her voting record has only created more problems for Coloradans.

The ad campaign features TV, digital, radio and mailed ads educating Puebloans about Boebert’s record and making a clear call to action for Coloradans to advocate for the Rep. to listen when they say they want lower healthcare and prescription costs, lower day-to-day costs, better jobs and the ability to retire confidently – not political shenanigans.

CLICK HERE to see Boebert’s voting record that has undermined these goals.

Rocky Mountain Values is run by Coloradans who are working to shine a spotlight on the negative impact of Rep. Boebert’s voting record and give a bullhorn to real people who are impacted.

Whether it is fairer taxes, more affordable healthcare options, or stronger communities with opportunities for hard-working Coloradans, Rocky Mountain Values and partners across Colorado will work to hold electeds accountable when they don’t focus on the issues that matter most to us while educating and advocating for policies that help Coloradans earn more and pay less.

Speakers at the event on Thursday included three Puebloans who spoke about the challenges they’ve faced and what they expect from their congressional representative. Here is what they had to say:

“I have battled cancer for 13 years and I could not do it without this community,” said Jamie Vigil. “We care about each other here – but Rep. Boebert is focused on the wrong things. Her voting record shows that she has repeatedly chosen to side with big drug companies and health companies rather than Coloradans like me. So I am here to call on Boebert to stop focusing on the wrong-minded things and start fighting for lower costs, better lives and great futures for Coloradans.”

“I have worked in social services helping my Pueblo neighbors – families, seniors and veterans – to gain access to programs that help us live good lives,” Sol Solivan. “ I have seen seniors waiting in line for two hours for $20 dollars for groceries. To watch our Representative, Lauren Boebert constantly undermine these programs that help Puebloans is unreal to me. We are here to hold her accountable and ensure that she listens to the hard working people of Pueblo and Colorado.”

“Boebert has voted repeatedly to make life harder for Pueblo veterans like me,” said Jerry Solano. “I’ve had two open heart surgeries and without Medicare I would have never been able to take care of that myself – and I probably wouldn't be here today. To think that she is putting the country at risk of national default only to fight for weakening Medicare and other programs is ridiculous to me. I know there are thousands of Coloradans like me who just want a fair shot at living a good life in a good community. It is time that Boebert stands up for Coloradans like us.”

“Rep. Boebert’s constituents throughout CD-03 – veterans, seniors, parents, farmers and ranchers – are holding her accountable for consistently voting against Coloradans' pocketbooks today and voting against a more prosperous future, including right here in Pueblo. We will no longer allow her antics and her extremism distract from the fact that her record fails to deliver for Coloradans on the issues that matter most to us,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Values.


I was born and raised in Pueblo Colorado.

I've had two open heart surgeries.

Without Medicare I would have never been able to take care of that myself and I probably wouldn't be here today.

Lauren Boebert voted against lowering prescription costs.

Not just for seniors, but for everybody.

And Boebert supports a plan to gut Social Security and Medicare.

She shouldn't cut the benefits that we need and we’ve earned.


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