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Surprise, Surprise: Boebert Ignores Coloradans Needs, Focuses on End-of-Year Impeachment

Today, Rocky Mountain Values issued the following statement regarding Rep. Boebert and the House leadership’s vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry, crossing this extreme action off their MAGA checklist even as multiple government funding deadlines loom in the new year.

Boebert has spent more than half of 2023 advancing her articles of impeachment while Coloradans face economic uncertainty

“Boebert has spent this year pushing the country to the brink of default, voting for a government shutdown, and causing chaos in Congress,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Values. “So, today, it is no surprise to Coloradans that her concluding action for the year is focused on this bogus impeachment instead of making any effort to help Coloradans make ends meet. This vote is an extension of her continual refusal to prioritize Coloradans’ pocketbooks over her own MAGA agenda and self promotion. Folks are worried about end of year finances and what next year will bring and Boebert needs to focus on helping Coloradans prosper.”  

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