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Western Slope Coloradans Call Out Boebert for Record Failing to Vote to Lower Costs on Healthcare

Point to Rep. Boebert's Recent Impeachment Antics as Distraction from Focusing on Economic Issues that Matter to Them

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 – Coloradans on the Western Slope yesterday gathered in Montrose and Grand Junction to express how fed up they are with Rep. Lauren Boebert’s constant efforts to promote herself, conspiracies, and extremism, including her recent antics to impeach President Biden criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.

Attendees at the two events spoke on the importance of having a congressional representative who fights for the things that matter most to them, including lower health care costs and the overall cost of living. Many talked about how Medicare and Social Security are essential to their day-to-day lives and about Boebert's claim that she wouldn't eliminate these programs -- even though she continuously supports plans to weaken these programs.

“I work in home care and have spent a lot of time caring for veterans here in Grand Junction. I’m proud of what I do. It’s concerning to know that our U.S. representative has voted against better healthcare for those who have served our country. We need to support them however we can,” said Leonia Delozier from Grand Junction.

“I love living in rural Colorado. But it comes with its challenges like access to good healthcare and medical services, so it’s frustrating to see Lauren Boebert vote against the care we need to live good lives, including weakening Medicare,” said Norma Akright from Grand Junction.


To increase health care costs for rural Americans and Native Americans.

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