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What Can Coloradans Expect After 22 Days of Wasted Time by Boebert and the House GOP’s Chaos?

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023 -- For 22 days now, Rep. Boebert and the House GOP have wasted precious time that should have been spent passing appropriations bills that fund the U.S. government and the benefits that Coloradans rely on. While her social media accounts claim she’s wanted to get back to work, Boebert actually wasted Coloradans’ time playing a Washington game to elect a Speaker of the House who shares her personal priorities of advancing an extreme agenda – far out of step with the communities in Colorado she is supposed to represent. She even lauded the new Speaker for representing a MAGA agenda. So, what will Coloradans get after all this wasted time and the new extremist that Boebert voted into the Speakers’ office? In short: more cuts to services that hard working Coloradans count on, more extremism that Colorado families can’t afford, and more chaos that no one has time for as we face another shutdown. Just like Boebert, Rep. Mike Johnson has a record of voting against benefits for veterans, supporting plans to cut Social Security and Medicare for seniors, and voting to raise costs for families. He also supported passing the Trump tax scam that gave massive tax breaks to corporations and the ultra-rich, while opposing inflation reduction legislation that is already lowering costs and creating jobs. “While Boebert plays cowboy behind a keyboard in Washington with her typical rhetoric on social media, Coloradans know that she is sitting at the center of this chaos and driving her extreme agenda,” said Justin Lamorte, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Values. “And what will Coloradans get for her antics? More uncertainty, higher costs and less stability in their daily lives.” As attention turns to funding the government, Rocky Mountain Values calls on Boebert to quickly pass appropriations bills that fully fund benefits Coloradans rely on and stop working to gut programs that help Coloradans make ends meet and live better, healthier lives. Here is a reminder of how Boebert worked to delay progress on appropriations bills:

  • Boebert spent the last two weeks fighting for fellow extremist Rep. Jim Jordan to become the Speaker of the House and opposing any other candidates.

  • Boebert threatened a shutdown and tried to force major cuts to critical programs for hardworking families and seniors.

  • Boebert voted twice against continuing resolutions to keep the government open.

  • Boebert worked in January with a small group of MAGA Republicans to force the House to change its motion to vacate rules, which teed up the historic ousting of the GOP Speaker of the House.

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